Lighthouse Benefit Advisors offers a proactive, strategic and results-driven approach to employee benefits management. Our team constantly challenges conventional wisdom to find new ways to deliver value to each and every client, our record of success speaks for itself. We are the One SOURCE.

Strategic Planning & Development

Every client deserves attention to their specific needs. LBA will design, develop and deliver a unique plan to meet the needs identified as we work on your behalf. We prefer to create a plan that will work for multiple years. It is not in anyone’s interest to change benefit plans every year.

Benefits Administration & Technology

Our proven technology solutions streamline vital processes including benefits management, enrollment, data warehousing, and compliance. Lighthouse Benefit Advisors will simplify and optimize fundamental HR and administrative processes.

HR Resources & Member Support

Lighthouse Benefit Advisors offer HR solutions tailored to client needs. Education and communication tools are imperative to our clients. HR teams rely on Lighthouse Benefit Advisors to provide the right support needed. We bring targeted communication and enrollment tools and services to help employees understand, utilize and value their benefit programs.

Our suite of HR solutions improves employee experience, alleviates burdens on the HR team to drive efficiency and enhance accountability.

Compliance & Reporting

Our team of compliance specialists ensure health plans follow the rules. Numerous state and federal rules and regulations are applicable to employee health plans. Healthcare Reform (ACA), ERISA and COBRA have created several obligations our clients must meet.

Analytics & Population Health

Lighthouse Benefit Advisors puts data to work for employee health plans. We try to capture data at the granular level and analyze how dollars are spent. Predictive analytics help identify future risk. Each employee population we review is unique and requires special attention. We are effective at putting in place strategies to close gaps in care, improve health outcomes and decrease costs over the long term. Our efforts help to manage and mitigate many potential large and catastrophic claims.

Wellness & Disease Management

We help our clients develop flexible wellness programs that reward employees for achieving healthy outcomes. Our clients realize positive behavior change and impactful savings from lower claims cost and a healthier workforce.

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Prescription drugs account for more than 20% of total employee healthcare spend. LBARX, our proprietary pharmacy program, significantly reduces clients' pharmacy spend without negatively impacting access to medications.

Ancillary Benefits

Lighthouse Benefit Advisors partners with several national carriers to offer additional or ancillary products very often required by our clients to compete for talented employees. Employer paid or voluntary dental, vision, life and disability plans are available. We'll design a variety of voluntary programs to meet the specific needs identified. Potential programs implemented include: pre-tax commuter benefits, supplementary life insurance, employee assistance programs, identity theft protection, cancer, critical illness, accident, hospital indemnity, etc.

COBRA™ Administration

Spend your time managing your current workforce, not administering COBRA. We ensure COBRA, Open Enrollment, State Continuation, USERRA and Eligibility are all handled efficiently.

Better Than COBRA™ is a risk mitigation solution for employers. They reach out to every potential COBRA participant to counsel them on healthcare coverage options. Alternatives to COBRA™ can be less costly for the participant and save the health plan in the long run.

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